The first Hangover Mask!


Nobody likes hangovers. But we seem very capable to forget about the next day when we are in a party mood. Over generations people tried to find a cure to hangover. You probably tried many of them, the electrolyte drink, the day after beer, the weird green smoothy of the friend of a friend, the fat and salty food you find in these American fast food chains and so many more.

What if we told you it’s not only about what you eat or drink but also about your appearance and how you feel on the outside. Those who enjoy Après-Ski know that nothing is better than sport in fresh air and sun to help forget the head pounding the next day.

Qaveman Anti Hangover Mask is the solution to feel fresh and make your appearance way better.

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How does it reduce the hangover signs on your face?

1. Gives your skin the necessary moisturizing boost.

2. Makes you fresh and awake.

3. Relax 15 min, reflect on yesterday, regret nothing!

Made in Switzerland with Natural Ingredients

This product gets in line with the Qaveman philosophy. Make a product that is adapted to men’s needs produced with natural ingredients and with the guaranty of Swiss quality!

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