Beard oil: 4 reasons to use it

Beard oil: 4 reasons to use it

Hey you! Are you planning to grow your beard? Well, then there’s a product that can’t miss in your bathroom cabinet: the beard oil! Confused about when starting and how using it? Let us make your life easier with a brief vademecum.


As a rule, you should use beard oil as soon as you decide to grow some facial hair. Yes, you can use the beard oil even for your mustache and your goatee!


1.     To hydrate your beard

The beard oil deeply moisturizes not only your beard but also – and above all – the skin underneath it. Growing a soft and healthy beard is easier if you know how to do it! Better hydration will make imperfections such as redness, irritation and beard dandruff disappear.

Beard oil: 4 reasons to use it

2.     To say goodbye to the itch

Sometimes the itches of growing a beard can lead men to shave. But remember that “Any man can start a beard. A true man never finishes one”. Therefore, beard oil can help you staying focus on the mission. Thanks to the emollient properties of the beard oil, you will get rid of the itch in just a few days.

3.     To stop with the scratchy kisses

Are you tired of people telling that you have a scratchy face while kissing them? Even in this case, shaving oil is the solution! The oil will transform the skin and beard into a soft and silky coat.

Beard oil: 4 reasons to use it

4.     To make your beard shine

Among the benefits of vegetable oils inside the Qaveman’s Beard Oils, you can trust on the shining property of the apricot oil which will let your beard bright and soft.

Now that you know all the secrets of the beard oil, you just have to choose between our Ice Age Beard Oil with its fresh juniper-mint scent or the sandalwood scent of the Stone Age Beard Oil. No more excuses for not using it!

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