Behind the Scenes : Qaveman Sends Tube Into Space

We announced last week that Qaveman will be from now onwards at Duty-Free Geneva and wanted to take the opportunity to run an altitude test with our products. This video has generated a lot of discussion on 9gag and even became a hot topic on the platform (maybe not for the right reasons). We wanted to show all of you who are interested in knowing, how we prepared for this stunt.

First off, it all started at Qaveman’s office simply as an idea. After a brief discussion and without knowing if it would even be feasible, it was time to put our co-founder’s engineering knowledge into use and sketch a strategy to fly this Moisturizing Cream into Space. The list of materials included: a Weather Balloon, Helium, 2 goPros, a GPS tracker, a drone and a data logger. For more details of this Space trip see the video below :


This is the calculated trajectory of the balloon :



A view of the parachute before the fall:

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