Hangover Face Mask, now 100% natural

Hangover Face Mask, now 100% natural

When we decided to produce the Hangover Face Mask, we did it more for fun than for profit. You know, Qavemen are like this, they like to try new things such as fire, wheels… and face mask of course.


Today, however, we can say that it is a truly appreciated product. That’s why we recently changed the formula to make it 100% natural! Moreover, the new Hangover Face Mask is the first step towards our new goal of 100% naturality by the end of next year.

But what changed inside the mask?

Same effects, better ingredients! Yes, we have changed the key ingredients and the cotton of the mask too. Moreover, we have reduced the quantity of cream inside each package.



Now you can count on a trusted and 100% natural ally against your hangover!

How does it work?

1. Gives your skin the necessary moisturizing boost.
2. Makes you fresh and awake.
3. Relax 15 min, reflect on yesterday, regret nothing!                                   The Tribe is getting bigger and bigger, look at them!


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