I have a hero, I call him Dad

I have a hero, I call him Dad

Father’s Day is coming soon. Waiting for the 2nd of June, let’s discover some interesting facts about this festivity!

First of all, except for the Catholic tradition that honors Saint Joseph’s figure on March 19, in many countries Father’s Day was not celebrated until the 20th century. As a civic celebration this festivity exists since the early 20th century to complement Mother’s Day.



1. The 1st Father’s Day was conceived in June 1910 from Sonora Smart Dodd, daughter of William Jackson Smart. He was a civil American veteran who, after losing his wife, raised 6 children alone. After hearing a Mother’s Day sermon at her church, Sonora led the effort for fathers to be recognized as well.

2. In 1972, President Nixon finally signed it into law and Father’s Day became a permanent national holiday in the US (they celebrate it on the third sunday of June).

3. The world’s oldest first-time dad in the world is the Indian Ramjit Raghav, who

became father in 2010 at the age of 94.

4. According to a data analysis released by UNICEF in 2018, almost two-thirds of the world’s children under age 1 (nearly 90 million) live in countries where dads are not entitled by law to take paid paternity leave.

5. Headphones, gift card, portable grill, fishing rod…the necktie is still consistently the most popular gift!!



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gif star wars Darth Vader The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker father


gif star wars Darth Vader The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker father


gif star wars Darth Vader The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker father

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