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Face Cream Sensitive

75 ml
Even a tough man’s face needs delicate care. Qaveman Face Cream Sensitive is developed especially for a man’s skin and provides instant and long-lasting moisture.


Face Wash

75 ml
Before taking care of dirty business a man takes care of his dirty face. Foaming, gentle and refreshing, Qaveman Face Wash will give a man the kick he needs to start his day!


Shaving Cream

100 ml
A good shave is a man’s craft. Qaveman Shaving Cream helps a man to draw the blade without cuts and irritation. Qaveman Shaving Cream stays transparent for a precise shave. The cream’s nutrients nourish a man’s hair follicles and leave his skin smooth like a corny jazz saxophone solo.


After Shave

75 ml
After a man has drawn the blade across his face, his skin needs soothing care. Completely free of ethanol, the revitalizing Qaveman After Shave with its lightweight cream texture is easily absorbed and provides a feeling of nurturing comfort.


Hangover Face Mask

We are just like you, we don’t like hangovers. So we decided to make the world a better place by releasing our own anti-hangover mask. 100% natural and produced in Switzerland, this is the magic solution against difficult mornings.


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Qaveman Starter Set