A good shave is a man’s craft.

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Shave Ritual

1. Run the Water

For the right application of the QAVEMAN SHAVING CREAM, the skin must be slightly moist.

2. Run the Blade

Apply a small amount of QAVEMAN SHAVING CREAM (no, it doesn’t foam) to your facial hair. The cream protects your skin from cuts and makes it supple. Thanks to the transparency, you will hit your contours like never before. Down with the stubble!

3. Rinse the face

Bravo, your skin is now as smooth as your charm and you are ready to win it all. But before, don’t forget to wash off the rest of the hair and cream.

4. Revitalize and moisturize

For an invigorating feeling after shaving, simply apply a little QAVEMAN AFTER SHAVE and enjoy the freshness. If you have cut yourself, the cream will disinfect your skin and help its healing as well. Magic.

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