Qaveman launches four products

After two years of hard work, the Qaveman team is proud to present you four products: moisturizing cream, face wash, shaving cream & after shave. All products are Swiss made and using natural ingredients.

You will find more details on each product below:


Face Moisturizing Cream – 75ml

Made in Bern


Developed for men, this cream provides instant and long-lasting moisturizing. Nourishing and non-greasy texture. Best when used on cleaned skin. Contains no parabens and has low fragrance to minimize skin irritations.


This product is developed and produced in Emmental where they are used to mature their cheeses in caves just like the ones we live in. Quality is a long-lasting tradition in that region and the ingredients have been chosen with care and patience to give you the best results. 


Key ingredients: Jojoba seed oil, Meadowfoam oil & Camomile

Face Wash – 75ml

Made in Ticino

Foaming, gentle and refreshing, this face wash will give you the kick you need in the morning to wake up! The formula without paraben doesn’t irritate the eyes.


Who best than our southern region of Switzerland to produce a refreshing cleansing. Inspired by the clean waters of the valle Maggia and valle Verzasca the energy of the places is reflected in this product.

Key ingredients: Sweet almond oil & Panax ginseng root extract.



Shaving Cream – 100ml

Made in Fribourg

Shaving creams are not that popular yet but they protect very efficiently 

from shaving rashes and cuts. Try this one and say goodbye to your foams and gels! Your skin will never feel so smooth after a shave. 


Situated in the “pré-alpes fribourgeoises” the production uses the pure mountain water of the region where the Rhone and the Rhein tributaries split. This region offers a very rich and voluptuous “double cream” eaten as a desert with Merringues. Maybe you will recognize this texture in the nourishing and rich shaving cream.


Key ingredients: Glycerin & Glycol mixtures.


After Shave – 75ml

Made in Fribourg


Revitalizing and moisturizing, the cream soothes the skin instantly and provides a real feeling of comfort after the shave. 


From the same region as the Shaving Cream it has the properties and is perfectly fitted to assist the Shaving Cream after the shave.

Key ingredients: Jojoba seed oil & Shea butter