Hangover Immunity Pack: 3 Masks every 2 months

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You are a party champion? or maybe you know someone that regularly drinks “one too much”?
The hangover mask annual subscription is probably the solution for you. Pay just once and receive a pack of three masks every 2 months at your door. Say no to hangover!

What you get: 20% discount on 6 deliveries of 3 hangover masks

How does it reduce the hangover signs on your face?

1. Gives your skin the necessary moisturizing boost.

2. Makes you fresh and awake.

3. Relax 15 min, reflect on yesterday, regret nothing!

Made in Switzerland with Natural Ingredients

This product gets in line with the Qaveman philosophy. Make a product that is adapted to men’s needs produced with natural ingredients and with the guaranty of Swiss quality!



Here’s how the hangover mask works



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