Care Set Sensitive


Care Set Sensitive

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The perfect combination for those who care.

Before taking care of dirty business, a man takes care of his dirty face. Foaming, gentle and refreshing, Qaveman Face Wash will give a man the kick he needs to start his day! The paraben-free formula makes it safe to use all over a man’s face.

Even a tough man’s face needs delicate care. Qaveman Face Cream Sensitive is developed especially for a man’s skin and provides instant and long-lasting moisture. The refined jojoba seed oil formula nourishes his skin gently and leaves it with a smooth, non-greasy feel.


Face Cream Sensitive 75ml – Made in Bern
Face Wash 75ml – Made in Fribourg

Delivery time: 2-3 workdays in CH (up to 5 in EU)

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