Face Cream – Cooling Gel


Made in: Zürich
Size: 75 mL

Even a hot man’s face needs care. To achieve this, nothing better than a cooling gel as a Face Cream. Both a hot man and a cool man will enjoy this 100% natural formula and new packaging: Aluminium tube. (This picture doesn’t show the end packaging, as it is still a surprise!). This gel is produced in the canton of Zürich where people are considered to be hectic. For once they will be able to keep their cool with the powerful cooling effect of the gel. A man applies the cream after cleansing in the morning to hydrate and refresh his skin. Or a man puts it on in the evening for deep restoring of his skin and a cool sleep. Like with all Qaveman products, the gel is very rich, so a man does not need to use a large amount.

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Out of stock


Key ingredients

Coffee bean extract, Broccoli seed oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Milk thistle oil, Peppermint, Juniper, Blackpepper