Ultimate Set


The Ultimate Qaveman experience!

A great combination of care and shaving creams in addition to all the range of our beard products.

Try all our products in one box:

Face Cream Sensitive 75ml – Made in Bern
Face Wash 75ml – Made in Fribourg
3 Hangover Face Mask 20g – Made in Fribourg
The perfect combination for those who care. Foaming, gentle, refreshing and free of parabens, Qaveman Face Wash will give a man the kick he needs to start his day! The second step with Qaveman Face Cream Sensitive provides instant and long-lasting moisture with the refined jojoba seed oil formula.

Shaving cream 100ml – Made in Fribourg
After shave 75ml – Made in Fribourg
Everything you need for your perfect shaving experience. The Shaving Cream protects your skin from cutting damages and makes it smooth. The revitalizing Qaveman After Shave is easily absorbed and provides a feeling of nurturing comfort thanks to the Shea butter ingredient.

Skin & Beard Face Cream 75ml – Made in Fribourg
Beard Oil Stone Age 30ml – Made in Solothurn
Beard Oil Ice Age 30ml – Made in Solothurn
Qaveman beard oils give your beard a healthy shine and a smooth, silky touch. Embrace the crisp freshness of the Ice Age Beard Oil with its juniper-mint scent or the earthy power of the Stone Age Beard Oil with its sandalwood scent. And for the rest of your face, we got you covered with the Qaveman Skin & Beard Face Cream. On application, the skin is moisturized and soothed while the beard becomes softer and silkier to the touch.