The Ultimate Test : Qaveman Sends Tube Into Space

Has it already happened to you that during a flight your skincare tube opened and leaked all over your hand-luggage?

Qaveman wanted to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you on your next trip, so we did the ultimate test!


From December onwards we will be at Duty-Free Geneva so we wanted to guarantee that you can bring Qaveman Skincare on your flight with no worries!

To run the test, we used a weather balloon filled with helium and a pod with a GPS tracker, a Go Pro and a skincare tube. We launched the balloon on the 5th of November, near the Lake Zürich.

Our Moisturizing tube went up to 38 632m and landed thanks to a parachute 3 hours later, near Weinfelden.

Stay tuned for the full-length video of how this all happened! For now, we will leave you with some footage of this trip:


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