Beard Styles – Top tips to style and maintain your short beard

Beard Styles – Top tips to style and maintain your short beard

When it comes to short beards, a great look doesn’t come by accident. Growing a beard needs constant care and attention to detail.
But following some simple rules, short beards can be a low maintenance option if you want to try the experience of growing your facial hair.

Choose your shape

The first step after letting grow your beard for some days is shaping it. If you want to ask someone expert, like a barber, he will be able to advise you about the best shape for your face and style. During this step, you necessarily have to make a decision about where to trimmer the neckline, that’s why a barber can help you have a perfect and symmetrical contour that you can use as a guide after.


Better beard care

Having a short beard doesn’t mean only to keep it short with a trimmer every couple of weeks, though. The grooming of your beard must involve products specifically designed for your beard and skin. That’s why we at Qaveman have created a product that can help you taking care of your skin and beard at the same time! OurSkin & Beard Face Cream is the perfect solution for all men with a 3-5 days beard that want to have with the same application, a moisturized skin, and a softer beard.

Don’t forget the beard oil

As said in our previous article, the beard oil too is essential since the first stages of growing your beard. In fact, beyond moisturizing the beard and the skin, it prevents a lot of problems such as redness, irritation and beard dandruff. If you are not convinced yet, check out our 4 reasons to use our Qaveman’s Beard Oils!

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