How we managed to do a Face Cream SPF green on Yuka and Codecheck?

How we managed to do a Face Cream SPF green on Yuka and Codecheck?

As you know, we are launching our new Face Cream SPF 15, the third of our face creams, this time with sunscreen factor directly inside it. 

But what you probably don’t know is that creating this face cream, with a sunscreen filter and a good evaluation on apps like Yuka, Codecheck, etc has been hard!

Why? Let’s discover more about how sunscreen creams are made.

Nowadays you can find 2 kinds of sunscreen ingredients:

  • Chemical: they absorb UV rays before they can damage the skin.
  • Physical: (such as the mineral ones) they block UV rays before they penetrate your skin.


As said by The Skin Cancer Foundation“All active ingredients in sunscreen are chemically derived. Some people may think of physical sunscreens as more “natural,” or even “organic,” but they’re actually inorganic mineral compounds”. 

Both types are safe and effective, and many sun protections currently combine both types of ingredients.

Another matter, besides the ingredients, is the consistency. Sunscreen has always had a bad reputation of being sticky, greasy and leaving white films.

Well, we are happy to communicate you that our Face Cream SPF 15 is rated “excellent” with 93/100 on Yuka. We were able to achieve this result not only thanks to the use of excellent ingredients such as glycerine, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, but also thanks to the use of two new-generation chemical sunscreen agents. And they don’t even leave white traces of cream on your face! We did it!


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