Are You Ready to Tackle this Winter ?

Are You Ready to Tackle this Winter ?

We know how Winter season can be tough on your skin, especially here in the Alps. For all men with sensitive skin out there, do yourselves a favour and opt for products with the least amount of chemicals possible. Go instead for natural formulas. You will look your best when your skin is healthy!



                                 Moisture, moisture, moisture

Firstly, you want to start by applying a powerful moisturizer! Qaveman Face Moisturizer has a long-lasting hydrating effect, perfect to keep your skin nourished throughout the tough and cold days.

Pro tip: Apply after cleansing in the morning and in the evening before you head to bed, for a nice and restoring sleep.



                                  Clean tools get the job nicely done!

Are your blades up to date? Try to not slack off on your razor, as it can provoke skin burns and inflammation. We cannot stop recommending our Shaving Cream. Our transparent formula lets you see exactly where your blade is going, avoiding the little cuts (which happen so often). Finish your shaving ritual by soothing your skin. Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of After Shave, which will nurture and protect your face.




Having a workout routine is very important and we couldn’t agree more. Hop in the shower, gently massage a few drops of Qaveman Face Wash and get rid of those sweat salts that often cause skin irritation. Try to stay away from old-school products containing microbeads, as they don’t do your skin, nor the environment any favours.

This time of the year presents its own set of challenges. These small tips should help your skin stay smooth and healthy, avoiding the discomforts of the dry Winter.


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